AutoMeasure: The Cutting-Edge Tool for Crime Scene Investigators

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In the high-stakes world of crime scene investigation, precision is critical. Every inch, angle, and dimension can hold the key to unlocking vital evidence. Enter AutoMeasure, a revolutionary Photogrammetry Software that stands as a beacon of technological advancement in forensic science. This software, part of the Tri-Suite64 package, is transforming the way investigators approach crime scene reconstruction with its unmatched capabilities and patented features.

Breaking New Ground with AutoMeasure

AutoMeasure is not just another photogrammetry tool—it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the complex needs of modern crime scene investigation. Unlike traditional methods that often rely on manual measurements and single-view analysis, AutoMeasure leverages advanced multi-view calibration to ensure precise and accurate data collection from multiple angles. This technology provides a comprehensive overview of the crime scene, enabling investigators to piece together critical details with greater confidence.

Multi-View Calibration: Ensuring Unmatched Accuracy

The cornerstone of AutoMeasure’s excellence lies in its multi-view calibration feature. This advanced technology allows the software to analyze and integrate multiple perspectives of the crime scene, ensuring that every dimension is captured with unparalleled accuracy. By eliminating the limitations of single-view analysis, multi-view calibration provides a holistic view of the crime scene, which is essential for accurate reconstruction and analysis.

Beyond Height Measurements: A Holistic Approach

While many photogrammetry tools focus solely on measuring height, AutoMeasure goes above and beyond. The software can measure a wide range of dimensions visible in the crime scene, including vehicle dimensions, biometric body measurements (such as shoulder width and arm length), scene lengths, angles, and areas. This comprehensive approach ensures that no detail is overlooked, providing investigators with a complete and accurate representation of the crime scene.

Patented Features: A Competitive Edge

What sets AutoMeasure apart from other photogrammetry software are its patented features. These unique capabilities are designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of crime scene investigations. For instance, AutoMeasure can produce accurate biometric measurements from surveillance videos and photographs, a feature not found in any other software. This innovation saves time and reduces the potential for human error, making the investigation process more reliable and efficient.

Comprehensive Scene Analysis: Lengths, Angles, and Areas

AutoMeasure’s ability to measure scene lengths, angles, and areas is a game-changer for crime scene reconstruction. These measurements are crucial for understanding the spatial relationships within the scene and reconstructing the sequence of events. For example, calculating the area of a bloodstain pattern or determining the angle of impact can provide valuable insights into the actions and movements of suspects and victims. This level of detail is indispensable for building a complete and accurate narrative of the crime scene.


In the realm of crime scene investigation, the tools used can significantly impact the outcomes of cases. AutoMeasure, with its advanced photogrammetry capabilities, provides investigators with a powerful tool for analyzing and reconstructing crime scenes with unprecedented accuracy. Its comprehensive measurement abilities, combined with advanced multi-view calibration and patented features, make it the best choice for forensic professionals. By setting new standards in forensic photogrammetry, AutoMeasure is not only enhancing the capabilities of investigators but also transforming the very nature of crime scene investigation.

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