Protecting Your GardenBox with Food Safe Sealers

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Creating a safe and productive gardening environment starts with the right materials. A food safe sealer is an essential product for those using a GardenBox. This article will explain the benefits of using a food safe sealer and how it can enhance your gardening experience.

What is a Food Safe Sealer?

A food safe sealer is a non-toxic, protective coating that is safe to use around food. When applied to gardening structures like the GardenBox, it ensures that no harmful chemicals leach into the soil, making it safe for growing edible plants.

Advantages of Food Safe Sealers

Prevents Harmful Chemicals

One of the primary advantages of using a food safe sealer is its ability to prevent harmful chemicals from contaminating your soil. This ensures that the vegetables and herbs you grow in your GardenBox are safe for consumption.

Increases GardenBox Lifespan

A food safe sealer also helps to increase the lifespan of your GardenBox by providing a protective barrier against moisture and pests. This means your gardening structure will remain in good condition for a longer period, providing a stable environment for your plants.

How to Apply a Food Safe Sealer

To apply a food safe sealer, first clean the surface of your GardenBox thoroughly. Use a brush to apply the sealer evenly, covering all areas. Allow it to dry completely before planting. This ensures that the sealer provides maximum protection.

Choosing the Right Food Safe Sealer

When selecting a food safe sealer, look for products that are specifically labeled as safe for food contact. Seal It Green offers a range of options that are effective and safe for use in gardens .


Using a food safe sealer for your GardenBox is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of your home-grown produce. By preventing chemical contamination and extending the life of your gardening structure, you can enjoy a healthier and more productive garden. Choose a high-quality, certified product and apply it correctly to achieve the best results.


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